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  ADC1 aluminum ingot Hot-sale product:
High purity aluminum ingot
Aluminum alloy ingot
sales hotline: +86 13021753983
Type of aluminum ingot Production standards
  Bright aluminum plate   national standard
  Film coated aluminum plate   EN European Standard
  Pre stretched aluminum plate   ASTM American Standard
  Ultra wide aluminum plate  
  Extra thick aluminum plate  
  Ultra flat aluminum plate  
  Forged aluminum plate  
  Patterned aluminum plate  




ADC1 chemical composition

ADC1 chemical composition


Copper Cu:       1.0max

Silicon Si:      11.0-13.0max

Magnesium Mg:     0.3max

Zinc zn:    0.5max

Iron Fe:    1.3max 

Manganese Mn:      0.3max

Nickel Ni:     0.5max

Tin Sn:       0.1max

Aluminum Al:      margin   


Sales hotline: +86 13021753983



Purpose of aluminum ingot:

Purpose of aluminum ingot:


Due to its lightweight material, it is commonly used in the manufacturing of land, sea, and air transportation vehicles such as cars, trains, subways, ships, airplanes, rockets, and spacecraft to reduce self weight and increase loading capacity. It can also be used for producing packaging materials for aluminum plates, foils, aluminum alloys, and anti-corrosion purposes, as well as for aluminum alloys, utensils, cables, conductive bodies, central alloys, decoration materials, daily necessities, etc. in the chemical industry.


Sales hotline: +86 13021753983



Purchase process

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From placing an order to shipping out of the warehouse, we undergo three rounds of quality inspection to ensure that the qualified rate of the finished product is above 100%. We have a large amount of inventory and can provide customers with sufficient supply, so that they no longer worry about the crisis of out of stock or out of stock.

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We promise that after the customer places an order, the spot products will be shipped on the same day. Yangdong Aluminum Industry is committed to providing high-quality products and satisfactory products to customers both domestically and internationally.

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