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  The ocean mooring chain aluminum supplied by Mannesmann Aluminum Group is used in the shipbuilding and petroleum industry, with high strength, good toughness, and characteristics such as seawater corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and wear resistance. Among them, the fourth level mooring chain is currently the highest level mooring chain used in the ocean, with high added value and high demand. It has successfully passed the quality certification of the internationally renowned classification society, filling the domestic gap, and the physical quality has reached the international level. It has formed the ability to supply aluminum products in bulk, and is widely used in marine engineering and specialized ship fields such as exploration platforms, floating oil production platforms, offshore oil storage and transfer stations, and auxiliary fleets. Make contributions to the Chinese aluminum industry domestically and internationally.

  Aluminum alloy plates are mainly used in superstructure such as hull structures and compartments in ships and offshore engineering. At the same time, small diameter aluminum alloy pipes are usually used as pipes, while large diameter pipes and bars are used as hull structures, mast members, beams and columns, etc. In order to make the hull lightweight, some thin-walled sections are sometimes used in the hull structure. Han Wei Aluminum's products have excellent strength, processing performance, and corrosion resistance, fully meeting the needs of marine applications. Through cooperation with domestic and foreign experts, South South Aluminum has mastered advanced production technologies for marine aluminum alloy plates and various extruded profiles, providing forward-looking support for shipbuilding and ocean engineering.