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  Mannesmann Aluminum Industry Group has a high market reputation for domestic mechanical processing aluminum supply and services, and molds are known as the "mother of modern industry" and widely used in modern industry. With the development of the market and the improvement of aluminum alloy technology, the phenomenon of aluminum molds replacing steel molds is gradually emerging in the European and American markets.

  1. Low manufacturing cost. Aluminum molds have advantages over steel molds in manufacturing, installation, and injection molding workshop equipment adjustment time, transportation, and other aspects, with lower costs.

  2. Lightweight. Due to its density being only 36% of that of general mold steel, its motion inertia is relatively low, and it is easy to increase and decrease speed during the production process, which can reduce the loss of machines and molds.

  3. The manufacturing time is short, and mechanical processing is easier. Its cutting speed is more than 6 times faster than ordinary mold steel, so the mold processing time is greatly reduced, allowing the mold to be produced faster. And with high dimensional stability

  4. Excellent thermal conductivity. Its thermal conductivity is higher than that of ordinary mold steel, so it can save 50% of the cold cutting time of the mold during production, thereby improving the production efficiency of the mold.

  Typical alloys include 2A12, 2024, 6061, 7075, etc.

  Product features: high strength, good cutting ability, and excellent machining performance